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In our service division we handle repair and restoration of windows and doors both in and out of warranty. We have experience working with all major window companies and we are confident that we can help you resolve any issues you may have.

We are certified by the following manufacturers to fix all problems with their products:
  •  Jeld-Wen
  •  Andersen
  •  Kasson & Keller

Common Issues
Air Infiltration

Feeling a breeze even though your windows or doors are cold, this may be due to air infiltration. A thorough inspection of your window or door can diagnose the problem, and if possible our technicians will try to resolve on site.
Locks and other Mechanical Issues

Like all moving parts, locks, hinges and operators can stop working properly. 
Glass Failure

Glass breaks, be it a baseball thrown through it, a tree branch falling on it, or a spontaneous break, broken glass is a safety hazard and should be dealt with quickly.

If you have fog inside your glass, you may have seal failure with your double pane glass, this will cause what can look like condensation inside the panes of glass.